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But he missed the Coors Light Open

March 16, 2010

An aside to Derek Lamely's victory in the Puerto Rico Open on Monday is that he was entered in the Coors Light Open last weekend in Ft. Myers, Fla. The Coors Light Open is a South Florida mainstay, in its 48th year, featuring a 48-man field playing for $31,000, ($10,000 to the winner). Lamely, a PGA Tour rookie, earned $630,000 for winning in Puerto Rico.

By entering the Coors Light Open, he was either hedging his bet in the event he missed the cut in Puerto Rico or was not playing with a great deal of confidence. The only way he could have played in the Coors Light Open, a 36-hole affair played last Saturday and Sunday, was by missing the cut in Puerto Rico, at least until rain postponed his first round, requiring that he wouldn't play his second round in Puerto Rico at least until Saturday.

So he had to withdraw from the Ft. Myers event, made the cut in Puerto Rico and won the tournament.

-- John Strege