Team Player

30-handicapper sinks incredible Texas wedge to win buddies Ryder Cup, the fellas go wild

November 10, 2023

What’s the best thing about team golf? The camaraderie? The competition? Nope. It’s the fact you can be a painfully average — hell, even pretty lousy — golfer and still have a meaningful impact on your team’s success. Thus is the magic of the scramble and the mystique of the handicap. No matter how abysmal you are from tee-to-green, if you can the roll the rock, you can be a hero.

Just ask this 30-handicapper, who recently became the Rudy of his buddies Ryder Cup when he sunk this 30-foot Texas Wedge to clinch the title. Cue the scenes.

If you think Kevin Na has a quick step, just watch the guy in the green shirt. He’s off like Forrest Gump when the ball is still eight feet out. Rumor has it he’s still running. The rest of the crew goes similarly nuts and by the time the celebration reaches its apex, we count at least four grown men without their shirts on. We don’t know kind of places you usually play, but that’s a lot of dudes not wearing shirts for one golf course.

Anyway, we’re happy for the guy. He probably thought he was coming home in a body bag when he left for a buddies’ golf trip as a 30-plus handicap. Instead he returned a legend. Needless to say, when it comes time to draft next year's team, he’ll no longer be the last guy off the board.