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Bubba's Belt Buckle

November 18, 2008

For Golf Digest reader Tim Terchek the state of the economy, coupled with the photo of Bubba Watson's glittery belt buckle in the December issue, left a sour taste.



That's great. Bubba Watson, who has never won a tournament of any note, can spend $25,000 for a belt buckle. Remind me never to pay any money to see him play. He obviously makes too much already.


For the record: In our video about the belt, Bubba explains that a friend of his fabricated it. The buckle has been valued at $25,000, he says, but I suspect Bubba got a deal.

Your letter, though, is an example of a new filter through which our readers are viewing stories: It might be called the half-my-office-just-lost-their-jobs filter. Rose-colored glasses are out.

--Bob Carney