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WATCH: Bryson DeChambeau clapped back at a U.S. Open heckler and he was ... kind of right?

Even before making the jump to LIV, Bryson DeChambeau dealt with a world of sh-t from hecklers at tournaments. Such is life when you claim you are changing the game, ask for "protection" from cameramen just doing their job, and get into a war with Brooks Koepka, the ultimate bro's bro, who sics his fellow bros on you for fun.

If DeChambeau thought that was all going to stop after bolting for the Saudi-backed golf tour, he had another thing coming. That said, he's gotten so much experience dealing with hecklers over the years that it seems like he's learning how to properly deal with them, at least according to a clip from Sunday at the U.S. Open at LACC that's currently making the social media rounds. 

In the video, originally posted by Beerholegolf on Tik Tok, you'll hear the 2020 U.S. Open winner ask someone in the crowd "you're still timing? Because they just walked off the green buddy." Apparently, DeChambeau was waiting for a green to clear during the final round, as he had driver out on the tee box. While we don't have the full context of the video, some folks on social media are claiming that a heckler was "timing" DeChambeau, a la that fan who timed Patrick Cantlay for social media clout at Harbour Town earlier this year. The key difference here is that DeChambeau literally had nowhere else to go, whereas Cantlay took forever to hit an approach shot with no group in front of him. This wasn't some lengthy pre-shot routine, or the AimPoint express, by DeChambeau. This was a normal, every-week occurrence on the PGA Tour:

It's the "OK, thank you" for me. Nice delivery, Bryson! He's getting so much better at this. If this situation is to be believed, then, unfortunately for the haters, DeChambeau couldn't be more in the right. If was attempting to drive the green, then he has to wait for it to clear so that he doesn't kill someone in the group ahead. It's quite simple. For a fan to either A. not understand that or B. purposely ignore it to go viral or just make their friends laugh, is embarrassing fan behavior. But that has sadly become the norm at sporting events in 2023. We're living in strange, strange times when DeChambeau is clearly on the right side of history when it comes to a heckling situation. This remains the wildest year we can remember in this sport.