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Bruce Springsteen, golfer? ‘God forbid, no’

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It’s not all that unusual for rock stars and other popular musicians to play golf. Alice Cooper and Huey Lewis, among the older stars, are passionate golfers, as is Niall Horan of One Direction, one of the younger avid players.

But Bruce Springsteen, he of the New Jersey working class roots and what Newsweek magazine once called the greaser rebellion? Not so much.

Springsteen was interviewed by Zeit, a German magazine, and though the interview is in German the word “golf” turned up in the headline, piquing our interest.

“What is your secret passion when you are undisturbed?” the interviewer asked, according to Google Translate.

“Secret passion? I do not have anything like that,” Springsteen replied, again, according to Google Translate.

“Suppose you play golf?” the interviewer asked.

“Golf? God forbid, no,” he replied. “Who thinks this? I do not play tennis, either.”

We can’t speak to his aversion for golf and its country club brethren tennis, but he does not seem to have a bias against sports often saddled with the “elitist” tag; his daughter Jessica is accomplished in the sport of equestrian.

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Moreover, his long-time bandmate, Miami Steve Van Zandt, also known as Little Steven, apparently enjoys rounds of golf on occasion.

At any rate, however he feels about the game, it’s not likely that his most ardent fan in golf, former LPGA player Sophie Gustafson, would object.


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