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Brandt Snedeker bit the head off a quail on his first hunting trip

A huge segment of golfers on the PGA Tour are hunters. If guys like Kevin Kisner, David Toms or John Peterson have an off week, there's a good chance you can find them out in the woods.

To some average golfers like us, though, hunting might seem foreign. So when we saw that Brandt Snedeker said he had to bite off the head of a quail on his first quail-hunting trip as part of a tradition, we were taken aback.

Not sure if that's common behavior for hunters, but to some of us, this was certainly different. You can tell how embarrassed Sneds' was about the question from the PGA Tour's Amanda Balionis when the eight-time PGA Tour winner started answering.

Clean-cut Snedeker doesn't seem like he'd be a huge hunting fan. Hey, remember Wedding Crashers? Christopher Walken and Vince Vaughn seemed pretty pretty buttoned-up -- until they got to quail hunting. We can see Sneds, a Nashville native, down to join Walken and Vaughn on a hunt.

On that note, let's go kill some birds, I'm psyched.