Boston news station stops NHL legend Jarome Iginla to chat about the weather, doesn’t even realize who they’re talking to

December 07, 2020

This weekend, the New England area got slammed by their first major storm of the winter. Many were left without power while higher elevation areas of the White Mountains saw nearly a foot and a half of fresh white stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary this time of the year. Right on cue, in fact. But one weather report from Boston 25 WFXT did happen to raise a few eyebrows, especially amongst NHL fans, who happened to turn on the TV this weekend to find Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla, snow falling around him at highway rest stop, doing his best Joe Schmo impersonation.

The best part of all this, of course, is that the Boston 25 weather reporter had no idea who they had just stopped. For all they knew, Iginla was just some friendly Canadian unperturbed by a little dusting. In reality, they had just shoved a microphone into the face of a former NHL MVP winner ranked 34th all-time in career points.

And therein lies the beauty of hockey. Think LeBron is going to go unnoticed by a news reporter, or better yet, let himself go uncredited? No sir. Hell, one could argue his entire career has been defined by trying to get away from Ohio winters. Iginla, meanwhile, is embracing them with open arms and chains on the tires. In LeBron's defense though, when compared to Calgary, Boston may as well be South Beach.