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Bonnaroo, Outside Lands organizers eye golf course as site of America's next big music festival

February 01, 2017

Golf has a newfound tolerance and acceptance of music on the course. But this is taking that adoption to the extreme.

AEG Live and Superfly, the organizers behind world famous music festivals like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, are targeting Overland Park Golf Course in Denver for a three-day music celebration. According to NBC's Denver affiliate 9 News, David Ehrlich of AEG Live compared the proposed festival to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, with preliminary plans calling for 70 to 80 musical performers.

With possible attendance in the six figures -- along with the wear-and-tear that comes from such turnout -- one would think the course in question is not highly thought of. That's not the case for Overland Park, which claims to be the oldest running course west of the Mississippi. Online reviews state the course is in great condition for a city-run establishment. It's not yet known what type of impact the festival will have on course operations.

Organizers stated Overland Park is a prime destination because of its proximity to public transit and downtown Denver.