Boise State to rock sick, NASTY black alternates for Friday night’s big game vs. BYU

November 05, 2020

It’s a big weekend in the crazy, kooky world of college football. On Saturday afternoon, no. 5 Georgia and no. 8 Florida clash in a stateline battle with the SEC East on the line. A few hours later, a Trevor Lawrence-less Clemson rolls into South Bend to take on Notre Dame in a matchup of no. 1 vs. no. 4. Hell, even Rutgers gets a chance to shine in primetime. But the best game of the weekend has to be undefeated BYU vs. undefeated Boise State on the blue turf on Friday night, and the Broncos are rolling out a set of the year’s sickest college football alternates for the Mountain timezone rumble:

Unless your name is Pitt, black is always a can’t-miss alternate template, and the Broncos have embraced that fundamental rule with open arms. But they’re also supercharging it with pops of electric blue, calling to mind that Chapel Hill hue, one of the best colors in college football, especially on the facemask, a highlight of the entire ensemble. The helmet decal remains comically gigantic, but the subtle subtle orange bronco logo on the black visor more than makes up for it.

Currently ranked 21st in the AP poll after two games, the Broncos have the chance to make a unique statement on Friday night: They can take down a top-10 NON-CONFERENCE opponent. If they can do that and run the table, maybe just maybe we’ll get a chance to see the Statue of Liberty 2.0 come New Year’s Eve. If not, well, these were still worth it.