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Bob Hope (--------) Classic

January 26, 2009

What happened to Chrysler, the title sponsor of the Hope?

It honored its commitment to sponsor the tournament, but politely took its leave in the wake of having accepted government bailout money, according to Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Dwyre. He wrote:

"This year, Chrysler was here, but almost hard to find. Much of the signage called the event 'the Bob Hope Classic.' That's what the Golf Channel called it, as did satellite radio, clearly by request."

Dwyre noted an absence of Chrysler executives (including any to give the obligatory 18th-hole television interview) and Chrysler product (no car suspended on the water in the lake at the 18th green, for instance).

Though Chrysler forfeited marketing and branding opportunities, Dwyre concluded, it was the right tone for the time.

-- John Strege