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Blasphemy! Kevin Kisner spotted practicing at a tour event in . . . wait for it . . . jeans

September 22, 2015

There are no spectators at East Lake on Tuesday of Tour Championship week, and apparently all hell has broken loose as a result.

And by all hell, we mean a professional golfer is wearing jeans.

Here's the picture of Kevin Kisner, tweeted by ESPN's Michael Collins, that would surely make East Lake's own Bobby Jones turn over in his grave.

For what it's worth, we at feel like we've been all over the golf and jeans issue, from whether it's proper golf attire (have at it if you like, but it's not terribly comfortable) to Tiger Woods' regrettable jeans history (the early 2000s were particularly tough). But jeans at a tour event is a fairly new phenomenon, and Kevin Kisner has chosen to go where few men before him have gone.

Remember this day.