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Black and Gold

The people of Western Pennsylvania certainly love their Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though the first game, September 9, is months away, many fans at Oakmont showed support for their team yesterday. [#image: /photos/55adb4abb01eefe207f8db9a]|||Img_3378|||


Quarterback Ben

Roethlisburger is rumored to be in attendence this week, although we have not seen him yet.  Last year Roethlisburger told Golf Digest's Brian Murphy, "I've had about 20 opportunities to play [at Oakmont], but something always comes up. I think the wait to become a member there is longer than trying to get Steelers season tickets." Even some of the pros' bags match. The Nike staff bags have been black and gold all year, but Stuart Appleby's Bridgestone bag and Kirk Triplett's Super Shuttle bag are also comprised of Steelers' colors this week. [#image: /photos/55adb4abb01eefe207f8db9e]|||Img_3208|||