Billy Horschel continues to take a bite out of Whistling Straits with his attire

August 16, 2015

HAVEN, Wis. -- It's been said that a pretty face and fine clothes do not make character. Billy Horschel has never heard this proverb.

A day after rocking bright green pants (and we do mean bright; even the Oregon Ducks thought they were kitsch), Horschel upped the ante in the PGA Championship's final round:

True, probably not the best idea to pay homage to a golfer infamous for his final-round collapses before attempting to make a Sunday charge. Still, Horschel's aquatic affinity -- he wore trousers with octopus prints at the U.S. Open -- is a nice change of pace from the traditional beige-and-black slacks seen on tour.

At least for now, that is. If it becomes a recurring sight, Horschel's pants - ahem - could jump the shark.