Bill Spiller

February 01, 2008

From Edwin Monteiro Sr. of Cape Cod comes another letter on Al Barkow's cover story on Bill Spiller in the Jan 18 issue.


As a person who loves golf and is of mixed-raced parents, I was inspired by your great article.... Mr. Spiller's revealing words expressing his love of golf and his method of showing his deserved resentment of golf's "Caucasian-only" restricting clause of the governing P.G.A, was powerful, admirable, determined and courageous.... This article made me wonder how many other of great men and women, in all types of human endeavors, the world has missed because of unfounded fear and discriminatory rules/laws and its enforcement. Someday, all aspects of all human achievements will follow golf's new rules. To view others as not opponents but rather fellow competitors, striving to be the best we can be.... >

That thought gives one pause, Edwin. Consider, for example, that there's a fellow named Woods who would be lost to us if such a policy still existed.

--Bob Carney