Bill Murray was back to doing Bill Murray things at the John Deere Classic pro-am

What's better than Bill Murray back to playing golf? It's all that's great about pro-ams. Mingling with the guys who make big-time donations to tour events, and making everyone laugh -- the fans included. The kind of laugh-out-loud funny little encounters that make golf more fun and loose.

You might think Murray playing at the John Deere Classic would be random. And at first thought, you'd be right. But he's from the Chicago area and got his comedy start at clubs in the city. Fun fact.

So he's a Midwestern guy at heart. And he's also a golfer at heart, so why not?

Not shown here is Murray kicking playing partner D.A. Points' bag on the 18th green. Hopefully none of D.A.'s clubs were damaged. But we're sure he's used it, having played with D.A. over the last five years.

And not to be topped by his on-course antics, it looks like Murray showed up to the pro-am in the same shirt he wore to the Grateful Dead concert in Chicago last weekend. Murray! Just rolling through life. Hopefully, for his playing partners' sake, the shirt got washed before he teed it up Wednesday.

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