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Bill de Blasio in a Knicks hat asking Trae Young to stop fishing for fouls is both basketball and political suicide

On Monday, we told you all about how Trae Young stepped into Madison Square Garden and single-handedly wrecked the New York Knickerbockers’ long-awaited return to playoff basketball. He hit a running floater with nine tenths of a second remaining. He put his finger to his mouth and shushed the entire arena as Spike Lee looked on dumbfounded. He even said Madison Square Garden was in Times Square. The disrespect was comprehensive and on Tuesday it got worse.

But it didn’t get worse because of Trae Young or something the eternally calamitous Knicks said or did. It got worse because the parents got involved, with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, corny Knicks cap and all, publicly calling upon Trae Young to stop “hunting for fouls” and “play the game the right way” come Game 2.

RIP New York. You had a good run.

Every remaining ounce of New York City street cred has automatically been voided. This might as well be Topeka now. And if you think that's bad, just imagine having to be the sign-language translator signing this crap. That's a "where did I go wrong?" life check if we've ever seen one.

Making matters even more worse is the fact that this is the same guy that showed up to a press conference last week decked out in Nets gear like your boss after one of their clients scored them last-second box seats to the big game. Embarassing is only a scratch on the tip of this Titanic-killing, public-humiliation iceberg.

So yeah, needless to say Trae Young is about to go full supernova. Shades of Kobe’s 61 even. And if that happens, not only are the Knicks going down, but so is de Blasio. In fact, they may as well just hand the reigns over to Andrew Yang now. Sure, the guy thinks Target is a bodega and Sbarro is a classic New York slice, but at least he’s not pretending he balls . . .

Ah, f—k.