In golf, a loss of mobility and function often means a loss of power, but you don't need expensive gym equipment to improve how you move. With Jennifer Fleischer's series “Better Than Yoga,” you can create a more powerful, more consistent swing with only a yoga mat and a golf club.

Fleischer's innovative workouts amplify traditional yoga poses by incorporating golf-specific movements to help you build a solid foundation for your swing. Start with a routine dedicated to mobility and body rotation. Continue with a strength workout that will test your endurance and train you to generate more speed. Wrap up with a cooldown program, which focuses on decompression, diaphragmatic breathing and injury prevention.

Get your power and endurance back with this three-workout program from one of the top golf-fitness experts in the U.S. Use the videos in order as a complete warm-up, workout and cooldown, or consider them individually to supplement your current fitness regimen.