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Better golf through brain entrainment

April 14, 2011

So, what is brain entrainment (or brainwave entrainment)? "It's not hypnosis," said Brett Stern, who is assisting the Australian concern Pro Golf IQ establish itself in the United States. "But brain entrainment almost gets you to that state. It's all done through voice and sound."

Pro Golf IQ, in its own words, "is a mind training program designed to develop any golfer's psyche to the point where they can utilize the 'mind' to generate the skills a professional golfer employs in every game."


Most golfers, according to the company, use only the left side of their brain, which deals with the mechanical act of swinging a club. "The professional golfers tell you the right side of the brain is more of the artist side -- creativity, balance, timing, rhythym, imagination. This is the goal of this program, to train your brain get into perfect mental frame of mind." Its key elements seem to be helping the golf relax and improving his focus.

It is a five-week audio program in which the user is required to listen to each sesson three times a week, through headphones, in a relaxed, quiet environment.

Again in Pro Golf IQ's own words: "Each audio session combines over 80 tracks of voice, music, subliminal coaching, guided imagery and binaural and monaural beats into a powerful, multi-layered audio composition, designed to deepen your learning state, so we can 'hardwire' these new skills into your brain."

The cost is $219 and can be downloaded to your computer.

-- John Strege