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Best Meat Jerky

When you think of foods you want to eat during a round of golf, a great thing to remember is how wood burns in a fireplace. (Stay with us for a moment.) Things such as pretzels, chips, cookies, crackers, etc., are like kindling. They burn super fast and leave you hungry, fatigued and distracted—feelings you don't want on a golf course.

What you want is protein. That's the firewood. It burns slowly and provides long-term energy that you can rely on over a four-hour round.

To be clear, we're not suggesting you sit down and enjoy a porterhouse between the fifth and sixth holes. Instead, consider meat jerky. The best types are healthy, portable, satiating and are made without significant additives and preservatives.

Our choices were recognized mostly for their taste and how the meat was sourced. Most experts agree that if it's made from the meat of grass-fed animals that weren't subjected to big-farm production techniques (no hormones or antibiotics, etc.), it's a nourishing and practical source of protein that can include healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Even better for golfers, it can be stored up to a year depending on its packaging. Just stuff it in the golf bag and eat it when you're ready.

Chicken: Chef's Cut Real Jerky Buffalo Style, $26 for four packages

Beef: Kingmade Classic Recipe, $50 for six packages

Bison: Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry, $30 for 12 bars

Pork: The New Primal Barbecue Sticks, $40 for 20 sticks

Turkey: Think Jerky Sriracha Honey, $25 for five packages


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