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The designers at New Era Golf understand the most intimate headwear needs. The company's newest cap, the Contour Stretch with Hex Tech, will keep up on the sweatiest days using a technology developed for NASA that absorbs and releases excess heat. A new moisture-activated sweatband is made from microfiber and minerals that quickly vaporize sweat so that the hotter you get, the cooler it feels. The new hex-patterned fabric is lightweight, reflects the sun with a UPF 50+ rating and reduces odor and fading.

The innovation coming from Puma this year seems nonstop. From bringing Hawaiian shirts to the PGA Tour to a cap made from 100 percent recycled material, the company is on a roll. Topping it off, the P Cap has brought a much-needed refresh to the classic snapback design. The slightly curved bill adds enough style for everyday wear, but the quick-dry sweatband and Flexfit construction will perform with you on the course. The company has also hinted that there will be more iterations of this cap throughout the year—that recyclable cap is in this collection, with the promise of more themed and unique varieties to come.

Golf Performance: New Era Contour Stretch (with Hex Tech), $37

Sport/Casual: Puma P Cap, $28

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