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Best joggers for golf, according to Golf Digest Editors

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October 20, 2021

Let’s talk about joggers for golf. Like them or not, they are here to stay. Many golf brands have gotten on board with the trend and have designed upscale joggers that can easily be worn on the golf course—and are so comfortable, you won’t want to change out of them post-round. We polled our editors to find out their favorite joggers for golf. And while it was no surprise that lululemon ranked high for golf pants among both male and female editors, there were a few new jogger brand recommendations that are definitely worth a try this fall.
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"Count me as a late convert to joggers. It took finding Rhone’s joggers for golf—which are incredibly stretchy and comfortable—to rope me in. The pants are appropriate for most settings, and I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments since adding them to my repertoire, so I’m no longer reluctant to break them out." —Steve Hennessey, Deputy Managing Editor


“Lululemon has made my search for the seemingly non-existent, comfort-meets-fashion women's golf pant easy. When I found the Adapted State Joggers, I wanted to buy them in every color (there are currently four options). These joggers don’t limit my golf swing, are light and breathable, and offer the pocket space I need on the course. Plus, the slim-fit is just the right amount and can be styled to go play even at a club with a strict dress-code.” —Christina Parsells, Social Media Coordinator

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"My first foray into the joggers world came with two pairs of Untuckit joggers. When I told everyone I was wearing Untuckit joggers, they replied “Untuckit makes joggers?!” Hell yes they do, and they are absolutely perfect for everything from lounging around the house to disguising as jeans when you go out to playing 18 holes in sub-60 degree weather. For the first two or three months I had them, I basically lived in them." —Chris Powers, Assistant Editor

"These are one of my go-to golf and travel pants. I'm a fan of the clean waistband, stretchy fabric and refined look that makes them ultra-versatile. They've also got a ton of pockets, which is always a plus." —Hally Leadbetter, Senior Producer

"These are the best pair of pants I’ve ever owned. Probably wouldn’t wear them to a nice club but for a casual round with friends they’re perfect. And yes, I will also wear a golf hoodie with them. I’ll usually pair them with my Nike Infinity Tour golf shoes and always no-show socks—if my ankles have to freeze in the cold, so be it." —Jared Goldstein, Producer/Editor

"These durable joggers are perfect for a chilly day on the course. Even though they're made for hiking and climbing, the stretchy-but-warm fabric makes this pair a great fit for a fall golf outfit. Plus, Athleta offers tall, regular, and petite sizing." —Gabrielle Herzig, Contributing Writer

"Contrary to my coworkers’ beliefs, I actually do not wear joggers on the golf course. My pants don’t have elastic at the bottom—they’re just slim-fit pants that I get shortened so they cut off just above my ankle. They have the same comfort and ankle-showing benefits as joggers but I feel they’re a more passable option in country club situations." —Dan Rapaport, Staff Writer

$89 (was $119)

"I wear lululemon's On The Fly joggers religiously as golf pants. It's a versatile pant with upscale details that I can dress up or down easily. They sell out quickly, so I always try to snag a pair when I see them in stock. The brand released a similar design called the Stretch High-Rise Jogger that I've been meaning to try, too. They're also made with that super-soft lulu fabric that is cool to the touch with a golf-appropriate look a lot like the On The Fly joggers. I'll let you know when I give them a try!" —Daria Delfino, Executive Assistant

"The elastic on some pairs of joggers are a little loose at the ankle, which I’m not too big a fan of. The two pairs of Vuori I have are very tight to the ankle, though, and they are my favorite pants to play golf in. Tough to get away with at a country club or a place with super-strict dress code rules, but they play just about anywhere else." —C.P

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