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Best Golf Headcovers

What's more important than protecting your golf clubs? A surgeon doesn't keep tools in a cheap container, so golfers shouldn't trust some flimsy material to guard clubs when serious innovation is happening with headcovers.

We know that purchasing a headcover is most often an impulse buy at a golf shop, or maybe it's a gift. If you like a club's logo, you might pick one up as a guest—or if you're a fan of a particular sports team, that's an appealing headcover to add to the bag.

There's so much more that should go into a headcover purchase, though. Our winners for 2017 are companies that combine the best fabrics and materials with fun designs.

Dormie Workshop, for example, has added a simple diagonal zipper to its new "Side Door" design to make it easier to tear away and grab your driver. Bespoke Golf's "Sideways" headcovers include a moisture-wicking liner and offers full customization on its driver, fairway-wood and hybrid covers. Seamus Golf continues to be a leader in high-quality technical fabrics in more than 100 designs that it manufacturers in the United States. And Jan Craig, as it has been for decades since Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson sought out its products, leads the knit-headcover category for those preferring a vintage look.

Knit: Jan Craig, $34-$52
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Fabric: Bespoke Golf, $35-$70
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Fabric: Dormie Workshop, $65 and up
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Fabric: Seamus Golf, $55-$75
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