Beginner's Take on the Cost of Golf

August 20, 2008

We talk a lot in the magazine and on this blog about bringing new players into the game--and the obstacles to keeping them. But we don't hear often from those new golfers themselves. Here's Clinton Hotchkiss of Yonkers, New York:


My name is Clinton and I just recently started golfing. So needless to say I am a +infinity handicap. Despite my obvious lack of ability however I have fallen hopelessly in love with this game. After playing only 2 holes and then being rained out I immediately went out and bought all of the necessary and unnecessary equipment.


Recently and most unfortunately, however, I have discovered that I simply cannot afford this game. I work in construction and having to pay 40$+ for greens fees is something that I simply cannot do every weekend. (And trust me I know that 40$+ is on the super low end.) Sure I can play twilight and pay only 25$ to walk, but only if it is to dark to see the ball!!! I know that a lot of money is required to maintain the course, but does it really have to be so expensive? I tried to play this past winter and some people still wanted me to pay 50$+ to walk IN THE FREEZING COLD!!!!!!! I realize that most unfortunately this is something that will never change, so I guess the love affair will have to continue through saved change and skipped lunches. I don't mean to whine, I'm just trying to understand.

I also wanted to let you know that your magazine has been the single greatest help to my golf game! Your instruction has even corrected my slice, something I never thought possible. So thank you very very much and keep up the excellent work.

Thanks, Clinton. Stay with it. And check out the Places to Play course finder on the home page of our web site for courses that might be even more affordable--or have earlier twilight hours.

--Bob Carney