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Because it's Monday, here's Ken Bone hamming it up at a golf tournament

October 17, 2016

There's an inevitable pattern that consumes Internet sensations. Upon initial fame, the subject is hailed as a legend or hero. The hot shot then tries to capitalize on the fame, which often results in social backlash. This is subsequently followed by vilification and fallout, as the public collectively agrees the whole phenomenon was stupid in the first place. But what happens after that? Our disgraced protagonist then realizes his/her destiny as a D-list celebrity that shows up to radio-station golf tournaments.

Which is where we find presidential debate "star" Ken Bone, who appeared at a St. Louis event on Friday.

According to, Bone was at the channel's golf classic at Normandie Golf Club in St. Louis. The undecided voter was -- sigh -- accompanied by a documentary crew, posing for photos with the tournament's players.

On the bright side, players donated money to charity to pose with Bone, and, judging by this photo, the sweatered casanova has a strikingly not-awful follow through:

Hey, maybe there's hope for the beleaguered Bone -- and our divided country -- after all.