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'Beaning up to play golf'?

February 04, 2009

Joe Torre's new book, "The Yankee Years," written with Sports Illustrated senior writer Tom Verducci, reportedly contains a passage from Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens' former trainer, saying that Toronto Blue Jays pitchers often used amphetamines in their golf forays. "Guys were beaning up to play golf after workouts," the book quotes McNamee according to this report.

Without rendering a judgment on whether they were or weren't "beaning up," suffice it to say it's an odd way to prepare for a round of golf. Optimally, you'd rather everything slow down, rather than speed up, to play better golf. Some tour pros even avoid caffeine on days they're playing tournament golf.

If McNamee's account is accurate, there were likely more than a few missed four-footers in those games.

-- John Strege