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The vast majority of strokes in any given round come around the greens. Yet most golfers struggle with short-game shots, because they’re uncertain about how to execute them, or they don’t practice them—or both. That ends today. In this five-part video series hosted by teacher Jeff Ritter, who ranks in the top-10 among Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in California, you’ll learn how simple it can be to hit bunker shots, pitch shots, half-wedges and chips. You’ll also find out how to get long putts within tap-in range and those makeable putts into the bottom of the cup. This series debunks many myths about the short game and offers easy-to-understand tips and practice drills so you can have confidence in the scoring zone. If you’re serious about lowering your scores and being the envy of your golf buddies, you need a bad-ass short game. And this video series will deliver.


1 Bad-Ass Putting

2 Bad-Ass Chipping

3 Bad-Ass Wedge Shots

4 Bad-Ass Pitching

5 Bad-Ass Bunker Play


Jeff Ritter

Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in California