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Attention golfers, this is why you should NOT wear white pants

June 02, 2017

White pants, like white belts, are a common sight on the PGA Tour these days. They look cool, but they're not particularly sensible considering how easy they are to get dirty. If you breathe the wrong way on white pants, it seems like they stain, so just imagine what happens when you have to hit your golf ball from a wet, muddy lie.

Aaron Baddeley doesn't have to imagine that scenario because it happened to him on Thursday at the Memorial. After finding the creek in front of the 17th green at Muirfield Village, he decided hitting his shot from a partially submerged lie was worth getting his pristine trousers dirty. Of course, the decision is a bit easier if you're a PGA Tour pro with a clothing deal (not to mention if you only have one hole left in your round). Anyway, here's how it went down:

As you can see, the decision didn't really pan out. Baddeley barely advanced the ball and still made double bogey. He added a bogey on 18 when he got a bad bounce off a flagstick and signed for an opening 76. Then, we're guessing he retired those pants.