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Astros owner Jim Crane changes opinion on sign stealing having an impact on the game in record time

February 13, 2020

By now you've read the quotes, seen the clips and heard the lies and canned apologies from the Houston Astros' press conference on Thursday morning. Pretty safe to say it did NOT go well.

Kicking off the proceedings was team owner Jim Crane, who could not have handled things any worse. The money quote making the rounds was when Crane flat out said that, in his opinion, the Astros' sign-stealing operation "didn't impact the game." Other than the fact it's a massive advantage for the hitters and it helped the organization win its first World Series, he's spot on!

Just 55 seconds later, however, Crane changed is mind. Actually, he completely denied saying the thing he had said less than a minute earlier. That has to be a new record, no? Watch the clip:

Ah, yes, the ol' Mike Francesa "I nevah said dat." Brilliant stuff. Which one is it there Jimbo?

Naturally, Twitter did its damn thing:

Crane saved his best for last. After getting peppered with a few great questions from ESPN's Marly Rivera, he finished with the "it could have, but also could not have" defense on whether or not it impacted the game. A virtuoso performance in lying through your teeth:

Like any good cheaters, the Astros are not sorry for cheating. They're just sorry they got caught.