Valspar Championship

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead Course)

The Loop

Arnie's 10 Rules

Bill Harrell of Chesapeake, Virginia, a polite state if there ever was one, loved Arnie's rules of golf etiquette, but had an addition:


Arnold Palmer's "10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette" should be posted in every clubhouse. However, an 11th rule should be added: "Don't bore others with your golf game." The inconsiderates who blather non-stop replays of their most recent round, how they last played the current hole, their 320-yard tee shot, eagle chip-in, etc., etc., ruin their playing partners on-course fun, and spur thoughts of "Give us a break and get a life!" I'm thinking about keeping a roll of duct tape in my own golf bag to deal with this problem.>


Bill, I hope this isn't your way of saying we're never playing together again. It's just that I don't hit 320-yard tee shots that often. In fact the last time was....

--Bob Carney