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The Best Golf Courses in Arkansas

We rank the top venues in Arkansas (2017-'18)

1 . (1) The Alotian Club (14th hole pictured above), Roland •
2. (2) Blessings G.C., Fayetteville
3. (3) Diamante G.C., Hot Springs Village
4. (4) The C.C. Of Little Rock, Little Rock
5. (5) Texarkana C.C.
6. (6) Pinnacle C.C., Rogers
7. (9) Chenal C.C. (Bear Den Mountain), Little Rock
8. (8) Chenal C.C. (Founders), Little Rock
9. (10) Hardscrabble C.C., Fort Smith
10. (7) Pleasant Valley C.C. (Championship), Little Rock

(2015-'16 ranking in parentheses)
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Some courses are ranked in Best in State but did not receive enough ballots to be considered for national lists.

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America's 100 Greatest & America's Second 100 Greatest requires a minimum of 45 evaluations accumulated within 8 years, 100 Greatest Public 25 evaluations and Best in State 10 ballots. While a few highly ranked state courses do have a higher score than 100 Greatest, Second 100 Greatest or 100 Greatest Public courses within that state, and are listed above them, they will not appear on a national ranking until achieving the qualifying ballots.