Are High-End Clubs Worth The Investment?

March 21, 2017

Photo by Victor Prado

Rob Parsons, founder of Parsons Xtreme Golf, has compared his clubs to a Ferrari, and he prices them accordingly. The idea of golf clubs as luxury goods isn't new, but it's trending up: Average selling prices have risen sharply as sales have stayed flat. This reflects a search for new materials, processes and ideas to stretch what's possible. But given that golf's governing bodies want to ensure that skill, not technology, determines performance, are these clubs worth your investment? It might depend on whether you would rather drive a Ferrari than a Ford to your high school reunion. If so, here are five new high-octane entries for you to aspire to.

Pictured above (from the top)

Made to commemorate the gold Beres S-05 model given by the Japanese prime minister to President Trump, this driver is one of only 10 available in the United States.
Price: $5,000

PXG 0811X/0811LX The standard X and lighter LX are low-spin upgrades. The sole has the same damping material found in the PXG irons.
Price: $850

These midsize irons have a forged, carbon-steel body and a flexible, high-strength steel-face insert for maximum distance.
Price: $2,070 (six irons)

The titanium face maximizes distance, a tungsten-weighted body supplies plenty of forgiveness, and the ultralight shaft helps you swing the club faster.
Price: $2,080 (eight irons)

The milling pattern on the face of this wedge provides extra friction, and channels cut in the back raise the center of gravity for a penetrating launch.
Price: $270 (per wedge)