Anxiously Awaiting Wie

August 21, 2009

SUGAR GROVE, Ill.-- Immediately after Match 8 teed off in the afternoon alternate-shot portion of the program, the U.S. rookies, all of whom are sitting out the second part of the day, were scheduled to come in to the media center for interviews. As I bolted out to take a picture just before the press conference, I ran into Bo and B.J. Wie hovering around the entrance to the media center with anxious looks on their faces. At first glance, they looked like autograph seekers hoping to catch a glimpse of some hot, young star. In some ways, the image was correct, only the young star is their daughter Michelle. After I said hello and turned the corner, I ran smack into David Leadbetter, also on his way to the media center.Â


B.J. Wie looks on as his daughter gives a press conference after her round.

All four rookies who played in the morning earned points for their teams. Tania Elosegui and Brittany Lang earned a full point each, while Pressel and Wie scored a halve.


--Stina Sternberg