Angry Reader v. Angry Golfer

May 31, 2009

Love him or hate him, praise him or bait him, no one generates more mail then the Angry Golfer, John Hawkins. His most recent rant, in which he took broadcasters, including Nick Faldo, to task for using Golf World stories without crediting them, drew quick response.


Dear Editor,>

Props to the Angry Golfer regarding Nick Faldo. However, the Angry Golfer should have cited chapter 3 from Butch Harmon's "The Pro": > * Don't Ever Mix Your Ego and Your Ignorance.*>

Bob Pratt>

Reading PA


Dear Editor,>

Re: Angry Golfer rant... Mr Hawkins probably didn't get his on-air love because there ain't none. His drivel in Angry Golfer is another example of over-exposed sports "analysts". He's lucky they don't air all the other thoughts/comments about his contrived crap, which he considers journalism. When you've earned the respect John, you'll get it. >

Angry Reader David Shumann>

Federal Way, WA>

--Bob Carney