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Angry Golfer on Sandy Lyle, John Daly

Paul Redmond has a question for the Angry Golfer on the subject of Sandy Lyle's withdrawl from the Open Championship. Sandy was perhaps the only old guy who didn't place in the top 25. Lyle, as you know, quit after nine holes, prompting the R&A's Peter Dawson to say, "I wonder how he would feel if the man or woman doing the [scoring] were to walk in at the halfway point?"


Dear Mr. Angry Golfer, >

Question: Who are you more angry at or what is the difference between Sandy Lyle or John Daly?


Consider: One quits playing (withdraws) and the other quits while playing (shoots 89).

Your answer?

John Hawkins, the Angry Golfer himself, replies:


Hey, Paul. The Angry Golfer harbors more contempt for Lyle. He openly admitted to using this tournament as a warmup to the British Seniors, and in doing so, cost a qualifier a spot in the field. He quit after nine holes because he's a lousy golfer. Any other reason he gave is simply for public consumption.


Daly is just plain pathetic, but at least he showed up yesterday and finished all 18 holes, thereby honoring the unwritten rule to try. Neither is a shining example of the game at its most sportsmanlike level, but in the context of your question, Lyle is the bigger lout.

Many thanks for reading. Guys like you are the reason we get to do this great job.

--Bob Carney