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Angry at the Angry Golfer

John Hawkins' Angry Golfer column is creating, well, angry golfers.

Bill Gallagher of Raleigh finds inconsistency (a first?) in Hawkins' column on Geoff Ogilvy:

John Hawkins seems shocked that Geoff Ogilvy would accuse the media of saying that most players are not trying. Never happened, says Hawkins. But just a few paragraphs further, he implies that the majority of the field is so enamored with the huge payoffs that winning isn't all that big a deal. That sounds very much like he is saying that they aren't trying. John Hawkins wants it both ways. And no, Tiger does not have a monopoly on the ability to produce in the clutch. Young Immelman did just fine at Augusta, as did Zack Johnson in 2007.

And, via email, gkibler2 takes issue with Hawkins comments about the John Daly shirtless, shoeless video making news on television and YouTube (nearly 200,000 viewings; 4.5 star rating).

I like Hawkins little angry golfer act. He should however not be pontificating about John Daly on the Golf Channel. We love John because he is not a typical stepford golfer. We all know Tiger and Phil are your perfect little corporate boys. I live in Vegas and have asked every golfer I know what they thought of Daly's shirtless video. Everybody loves it. We love him because he dosn't kiss the corporate ass like you guys do.

G, were you by any chance at the Players this week? Golf World's John Antonini, in the Local Knowledge blog, reports that patrons here miss Daly more than Tiger. As far as the kissing goes, I'm betting that soon John will not be faced with the awful dilemma of whether to kiss the corporate tush or live free. His shirt, when he wears one, will lack any reference to a corporation.

--Bob Carney