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This is, without a DOUBT, the worst play in the history of the National Basketball Association

As much as old heads yearn for the 1980s NBA, where you couldn't drive the lane without leaving on a stretcher, today's NBA is an absolute joy to watch. It's up-tempo, it's constantly moving, it's high scoring. The Cleveland Cavaliers-Memphis Grizzlies game on Thursday night was none of these things. 

Not helping this game's cause was the fact both teams' last two first-round picks were all out. Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant for the Grizzlies, and Collin Sexton and Darius Garland for the Cavs. Not exactly the type of game you buy the NBA League Pass for. 

But what this matchup lacked in star power it made up for in sheer hilarity. Early in the fourth quarter, Cavs big man Andre Drummond was the author of what could be described as the worst offensive possession in NBA history. The two-time All Star caught a pass just inside the free throw line, and was double-dog dared to shoot by Jonas Valanciunas. After much debate in his own brain, Drummond finally decided to drive to the bucket and throw up an obscene layup: 

Holy moly. That play set the NBA back decades. Such a perfect call from the commentator, almost as if he knew something that ugly was about to happen. "Low scoring affair here in Memphis ... a slow-motion affair here in Memphis." Sums it up. 

Drummond ultimately made up for it, scoring 22 points and grabbing 15 boards in a 94-90 win. Unfortunately for him, this play is all anybody is going to be talking about from that game.