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An adjustable and 'virtually indestructible' golf tee

April 27, 2011

There is nothing in golf that isn't immune to innovation, proof of which are recurring efforts at building a better tee.

The latest effort is the TwistTee, which is adjustable and, according to the company, "virtually indestructible." The "virtually" part has to do with a golfer, say, using an iron and striking the ball at ground level, as one might do on a par 3.

The adjustable part is interesting and was born from the notion that adjusting the tee height might help a golfer fight a hook or a slice.

"My friend Richard (Cheng)...was always teaching people how to swing properly," said Mike Radtke, Cheng's partner in this endeavor. "He said, 'what if we address the height of the ball and how important that is?'"

Radtke said they have contemplated having a robot hitting balls from the TwistTee "to get actual data on how you could correct a hook or slice with the height of the ball."

The height is adjusted simply be twisting a threaded shaft. Once the golfer finds the optimum height, he can tee it consistently at that height.

The biggest obstacle in tee innovation, of course, is convincing golfers they need to change. Most are accustomed to grabbing a handful of wooden tees and stuffing them in their pockets.

The TwistTee sells for $2.25 per tee or $3 for a package of three that includes two large tees and one small tee.

-- John Strege