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Amy's plight transcends golf

May 21, 2009

The news that Phil Mickelson's wife Amy has breast cancer already has spread beyond golf and sports, to wit, this open letter on the Huffington Post written by Ruth Peltason, author of the book, "I Am Not My Breast Cancer."

Peltason writes in conclusion: "The best advice I can offer is recognizing that when you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, it doesn't just happen to you. It happens to your husband, to your children, to your parents, and to all the other dear and important people in your life. That community of caring is magic and it means that you truly aren't alone in fighting breast cancer. It means that when you triumph, all of you share in that success. For a woman who knows about competition, this will surely be the sweetest Mickelson win ever."

-- John Strege