Born In The U.S.A.: American Presidents Cup apparel

October 03, 2013

Fred was here: Couples had a hand in selecting Team USA's outfits.

Here's an advance look at what the U.S. Presidents Cup team will be wearing in competition this week. Captain Fred Couples has had a very long association with Ashworth, so it was natural that he would turn to the company for this year's team shirts and pullovers. He asked for clean, simple outfits -- red, white and navy, naturally -- using modern materials, and that's exactly what he got.

Not pictured here: The opening-and closing-ceremony outfits. Expect the guys to appear in blue blazers and gray trousers. If it were me, I would create a really great blue suit that the players could wear as both a suit and a blazer. I would also find some nice woven shirts and select neckwear that pops. But then, nobody has asked me -- yet!