All hands on deck

June 21, 2009

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- How does a single maintenance stuff manage the gargantuan task of digging a major championship golf course out from under water?

The answer is it doesn't. Or more to the point, it doesn't on its own.

As this Ron Whitten piece from August, 2007 reminds us, it is common practice for golf course superintendents from around the area and the country to flock a championship venue and volunteer to help out. That is the case under the best circumstances, but when it's a week as challenging as this one, you can imagine how the help can come in handy.

Craig Currier, Bethpage's superintendent, has experienced it from both ends. Just as he has received outside help this week, he has volunteered his services at other majors, including the 2007 PGA at Southern Hills.

-- Sam Weinman