This is it, this is the greatest draft-pick announcement in sports history

Thanks to social media, teams and leagues have gotten much more creative in the last few years with things like schedule releases, jersey unveilings and draft-pick announcements. In the pandemic age, where everything is done via Zoom, the creativity has reached new heights. 

However, we may have reached the peak on Tuesday night during the NHL Draft, which was definitely a thing that happened (I'm allowed to poke fun since I'm a big fan of the pucks). After the New York Rangers made the slam-dunk selection of Alexis Lafrenière at No. 1 overall and the L.A. Kings made history by selection Quinton Byfield at No. 2, making him the highest-draft black player in NHL history, the Ottawa Senators were on the clock. To the pleasant surprise of everyone watching, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek appeared on the screen:  

This is, and folks I cannot stress this enough, the greatest announcement of a draft pick in the history of American sport. Not even a hint of hyperbole. Anytime Jeopardy! and sports collide, magic usually happens. But never before have the two collided quite like this. 

I wouldn't be sure how to feel if I was Germany's Tim Stützle, the newest Ottawa Senator. You have to figure it's all downhill after Alex freaking Trebek announces your selection into the NHL. But we wish him the best of luck. By the way, Trebek is actually a huge Montreal Canadiens fan. But considering they didn't pick until 16, Trebek's services were better used near the top of the draft. Frankly, he should have announced every pick.