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Gigantic Alabama lineman pulls off move no human should be allowed to pull off during workout session

At the University of Alabama, being a gigantic, NFL first-round lineman isn't enough to truly stand out. There's at least three or four of those types in the starting 11 every single season, hence why they run train on every team they play.

Of course, every few years there does seem to be one mountain of a man that is the clear-cut alpha of the O-line. D.J. Fluker, Ryan Kelly and Cam Robinson are a few names that spring to mind. More recently, Jonah Williams and Jedrick Wills. 

In 2021, that role looks like it will be filled by Evan Neal, a 6-foot-7, 360-pound junior offensive tackle who has started in nearly every game over the last two seasons for the Crimson Tide. As of now, he's projcted to go inside the top 20 in the 2022 NFL Draft, and you'd imagine his stock can only rise, especially when you see that he can do stuff like this:

Reminder: this is an offensive lineman who weighs 360 pounds, not the Tide's latest bell-cow running back who can hurdle people with ease. Offensive lineman should not be allowed to do sh-t like this. To use an unbelievably overused word these days - this is kinda horrifying. Imagine this dude coming downhill on you on a screen pass? Think I'd rather be in a car crash to be honest. 

The video above was posted on Monday morning, but Neal has been doing a similar move for a year now. He retweeted this one from August of 2020, which appears to feature only two of those black box-looking things. In the video from Monday, there are three:

Like he said, he's always trying to one up himself. How this guy isn't projected No. 1 overall is shocking. Of course, he's got another whole season to challenge for that spot.