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The Best Golf Courses in Alabama

We rank the top venues in Alabama (2017-'18)

Asked if a course could be built in a Birmingham forest, Jack Nicklaus scouted the site from lumber haul roads and said of the mountainous site, "Well, there are a lot of par 3s out there, that's for sure." But then he discovered a gentle valley in which to put par 4s and 5s, and took the job.
  1. (1) Shoal Creek (pictured above) ≈
  2. (2) C.C. of Birmingham (West) ≈
  3. (3) The Ledges C.C., Huntsville
  4. (7) Turtle Point Yacht & C.C., Killen
  5. (New) Kiva Dunes G. Cse., Gulf Shores ★
  6. (4) Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail At Capitol Hill (Judge), Prattville ★
  7. (6) Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail At Grand National (Links), Opelika *
  8. (5) Old Overton Club, Vestavia Hills
  9. (9) Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail At Grand National (Lake), Opelika ★
  10. (10) Steelwood C.C., Loxley

(2015-'16 ranking in parentheses)
America's 100 Greatest Course
≈ America's Second 100 Greatest
^ America's 100 Greatest Public Course
★ Other public-access course

Some courses are ranked in Best in State but did not receive enough ballots to be considered for national lists.

America's 100 Greatest & America's Second 100 Greatest requires a minimum of 45 evaluations accumulated within 8 years, 100 Greatest Public 25 evaluations and Best in State 10 ballots. While a few highly ranked state courses do have a higher score than 100 Greatest, Second 100 Greatest or 100 Greatest Public courses within that state, and are listed above them, they will not appear on a national ranking until achieving the qualifying ballots.