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Adams new Super S irons: Thin and fast

December 13, 2012

To complement the company's recently unveiled Super S hybrids, fairways woods and driver, Adams has announced the release of its new game improvement iron: the Idea Super S. The Super S irons will include either the Super S or Super LS 3- and 4-hybrid in the set, have expanded on many of the technological features of the Adams Redline irons, which adopted aspects of hybrid design to promote faster ball speeds and straighter ball flight.


The Super S game improvement irons feature an enclosed cavity that sits behind the lower half of the face and supports the face for better forgiveness. The design moves some of the cavity's weight higher and closer to the face for better energy transfer, less vibration through impact and more consistent ball-club interaction. The cavity in the Super S has been made heavier than that in the Redline iron, which allows engineers to more precisely position the clubs' center of gravity, in an effort to improve the consistency of impact.

Another notable improvement in the Super S irons is the face thickness. The new irons have a consistent face thickness of only 0.1 inches because of the enclosed cavity design. Adams has also improved the moment of inertia in the Super S irons by placing weight inside the toe section of enclosed sole cavity.The Super S irons have a more compact appearance through a reduced offset and a very thin top line that is consistent throughout the set. The Super S set is priced at $700 with Super S hybrids and $900 for the set with Super LS hybrids.