Adam Gase says it’s “irrelevant” if he misused just-released, $27-million-dollar running back Le’Veon Bell

October 14, 2020

By now you’ve probably heard that on Tuesday night, after a week or two of trade rumors, the New York Jets officially released running back Le’Veon Bell. Signed to a three-year, $52.5 million dollar deal in the 2019 offseason—including a guaranteed $27-million-dollar signing bonus—Bell played out less than half of his contract, hampered by injuries and the offensive, um, acumen of head coach Adam Gase. But when asked about the failed partnership and the possibility that Bell was “misused” in his offense on Wednesday, this was all Gase could muster.

If this isn’t the look of a coach who knows he’s not going to be around in three weeks, then we don’t what is. Just have a quick peek at Le’Veon Bell’s stats since he joined the Jets and try to tell us it’s “irrelevant” with a straight face.

To quote one Kevin McAllister: Buzz, your girlfriend, woof. The only way Gase could possibly think this is “irrelevant,” is if he thought the question was about the Jets in relation to the rest of the league. As it pertains to the Jets, however, what could be more relevant than the coach who got run out of freaking MIAMI, got inexplicably hired IN DIVISION, and became a laughing stock at his INTRODUCTORY PRESS CONFERENCE flamethrower-ing the organization’s relationship with their only skill-position player to the tune of $27 million wasted dollars?

In Gase’s defense, this will all probably be irrelevant sooner than later. He will be out of a job and probably GM Joe Douglas with him. Sam Darnold will be replaced by Joe Flacco while Woody Johnson stomps around London complaining about tea, running this 747 into a mountainside over and over again. But just because everything is meaningless—and make no mistake, everything in Jets-land is definitely meaningless—it doesn’t mean you say so . . . out loud at least.