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A rundown of all the times Boston has been caught cheating

September 05, 2017

As the old saying goes, "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying."

We see it in all walks of life: Sports, politics, your grandmother's bridge game. You name it, everybody wants to gain an edge. Nowhere is this more rampant than the city of Boston, where it's become somewhat of a religion. Don't believe us? Well folks, the New York Times is here to report that they are at it again:

Some things never change.

It's not the first time someone or something affiliated with the city has been caught, and it won't be the last. It got us thinking, what's the deal with all these wicked cheatahs?

Bill Belichick spies on the Jets

Al Bello

The O.G. of New England Patriots cheating scandals, "Spygate," in which Bill Belichick and his team were disciplined for filming the New York Jets sideline during a game from an illegal spot in the stadium. You know it's bad when this isn't even the best Boston scandal involving the suffix "gate".....

Tom Brady deflates footballs

Gregory Shamus

Patriots fans will have you believe "Deflategate" was all one big witch hunt and that the Golden Boy wouldn't dare commit such an act, but he was suspended, denied his appeal and served his time. When it's all said and done, that's all everyone will remember from the 2016-2017 New England Patriots season.

Manny Ramirez suspended for PEDs

Jim Rogash

Manny's suspension didn't occur until 2009 when he was a member of the L.A. Dodgers, but anyone who believes this was his first time using PEDs in his career must still believe in Santa Claus, too. Manny being Manny I guess.

Ben Affleck cheats on Jennifer Garner


The co-star and writer of the Boston classic Good Will Hunting was actually born in California, but moved to Massachusetts at age 3. Eventually, much later in life, he caught the cheating bug and stepped out on Jennifer Garner, who seems like the nicest lady ever in those Capital One commercials. For shame.

Boston College basketball team shaves points

In the late '70s, members of the Eagles hoops team got entangled in one of the most famous point shaving scandals of all time. The team technically wasn't cheating to beat other teams, just cheating bookmakers out of money by fixing the point spread to their liking.

The Battle of Bunker Hill wasn't even at Bunker Hill

That's right, my fellow Americans, you've been duped. Most of the battle took place at nearby Breed's Hill. Is there anything these people won't try to get away with?