Gear & EquipmentOctober 26, 2013

A Rookie At The Hot List: Drivers, wedges chip shots?

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Busy day at the Hot List on Friday, the testers hit drivers and wedges (and an orange, but we'll get to that later) and battled the Arizona heat surprisingly well. Here are some of the best bits from Friday's action:

Golf Digest Equipment Editor Mike Stachura provided the morning entertainment. Sorting through golf balls is usually a pretty tedious task, but watching him trying to throw golf balls into a bucket two feet away was brilliantly funny. Who knows, maybe it's more difficult than it looks -- but probably not.

After picking up all the golf balls Mike had thrown near the bucket, I ran into my old college golf coach from the University of South Carolina Beaufort, Shane LeBaron (he's in the sunglasses below). Shane has been the Director of Instruction at the Wigwam for about a year and has already worked his way into our "Best in State" rankings. Better yet, he found time to give me a quick tune-up on the range; I've got to rotate my torso left through the ball more, so I'll be meditating on an image of Annika Sorenstam's swing for the next couple days.


I think it's worth taking a moment to admire how cool Golf World staffer Brendan Mohler makes drinking a Gatorade look. Notice how the color of the Gatorade matches the color of the shirt. Effortless. It's like he's not even trying. [#image: /photos/55ad7772add713143b428075]

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