Gear & EquipmentOctober 25, 2013

A Rookie At The Hot List: Cool sunrises, weird warm-ups and way too many drivers

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Golf Digest's Hot List has a long and proud history. It prides itself on being the definitive guide for consumers in their search for equipment to improve their games. But that doesn't come easy. It takes, among about a million other things, hard work from dozens of staff members and testers and a great host in the Wigwam Golf Resort in Arizona. Here's a little look at what the Hot List looks like from behind the scenes, through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the first time:

It's important to start your day with laughter, and that's how I found Golf Digest Assistant Editor Steve Hennessey when I met him bright and early on Thursday morning. Too bad he was laughing at his own tweets...

That guy behind him is Mike Johnson. He's Golf World's Equipment Editor, and he (alongside Golf Digest's Equipment Editor Mike Stachura) has been running the Hot List since the very beginning. #iframe://|||

Call me an ignorant New Yorker-turned-Englishman-turned-South Carolinian-turned New Yorker, but Arizona has an uncanny ability of opening its skies to reveal some truly phenomenal sights.



The way testing worked on Thursday is that three different group were split into three different sections: fairway woods, mallet putters, and game improvement irons. Each tester hits as many balls as they need to and then give a verdict on a variety of different factors; sound and feel, for example, or looks. It's fun, but there are a lot of clubs, so it's also hard work.




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