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A random stranger just replaced a disabled man's stolen golf cart

November 20, 2013

When we came across this story earlier today, we didn't think much of it. A man's golf cart -- worth about $4,000 -- was stolen from his driveway, and police had no leads on the suspect.

But since then, the story has taken a rather heartwarming turn.

It turns out the golf cart, which was tricked out with a stereo and oversized wheels, belonged to the 2000 South Carolina Special Olympian of the year Jason Herring, who has Down syndrome. And even more egregious was that the golf cart was Herring's only mode of transportation, meaning that the thief had essentially left the former Special Olympian stranded at his home.

But not to worry, because on Wednesday some anonymous (and by the sounds of it, golf-loving) stranger donated to Herring a brand new golf cart so he can continue his everyday life.

Take that, thief.