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A Hot List Story

January 24, 2008

Dave Defendis of Rochester, New York, loves the Hot List. He's just not buying the fact that golfers replace their equipment as often as we say they should.

Each year when Golf Digest's equipment issue arrives, I probably rip open its cellophane wrapping with the same anticipation that Ralphie opened up his "official Red Ryder carbine action, two hundred range model air rifle" on Chrsitmas morning in the movie A Christmas Story. And as I read through it, I probably have the same wide eyed look he had as he peered into the window of Higbee's Department Store to look at the "Red Ryder". While I do like "digging the newest equipment", this "boomer" certainly has not replaced the clubs in his bag as often as your article indicates I probably should. One of the reasons could be that my discretionary spending account has been a bit low. Another reason could be that my kids keep presenting me with grandchildren. I always seem to be adding dollars to somebody's college account. And hey, whose grandchild doesn't look good in a new outfit. Or maybe it's because I believe that if I don't have "a real swing", the equipment can only help so much. My money might be better spent on some lessons before I buy some equipment. I guess me and people like me are a golf company's worse nightmare.>

Dave, no man with grandchildren asking him what he wants for Christmas is a golf company's worst nightmare. Red Ryder is coming.

--Bob Carney